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Javier Iglesias Ramos in collaboration with Marei Kane and Ramón Yoshimura


Mark Robinson




The Camino was a unique opportunity to be unplanned and to be worry free, taking the windfalls away and leaving disappointments behind. To watch for the ever present judgemental mind and attempt to stay removed and free from it’s preconceived ideas.

On the first night I had entered into a different world, uncomfortable in a dormitory seeking rest among other people also seeking rest. I realise now that I had unknowingly stepped into a bubble. A bubble filled with fellow walkers taking on the title of a pilgrim, who were all moving slowly along the same route towards Santiago de Compostela. Through the changing landscapes, separate to the concerns of the people living along the way, yet being entirely supported by them.

With all my essential needs provided by the outside world, I had the freedom within the bubble each morning to determine an approach to the day ahead. Towards a predetermined destination for rest that night, or to leave the days developments to determine my decisions and the eventual place to rest up for the night.

Whatever happened during the day, almost every evening was there to be enjoyed, around a common dinner table with other Pilgrims, nourishing themselves on the company of others, the food and wine served as part of a pilgrims menu.

With the experience ever changing, so often there was the familiar warmth and friendly chance encounter of Camino friend’s along the way. I met many good people along the way and its them that make the Camino special to me. 

Thank you all.

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Thank you all.